Three Professors, Nine Students Present at Geology Conference

Research by three IPFW professors and nine senior geology students will be presented at the Geological Society of America North-Central Section 50th Annual Meeting in April.

Ben Dattilo, associate professor of geology, will present research done by he and Winfried Peters, associate professor of biology, titled “Where Have All The Young Rafinesquina Gone? Gone to Taphonomic Processess Every One (Mostly).” The research is about how the fossil record is biased by destructive processes. With typical mortality rates, the fossil record should be dominated by the shells of young individuals. Their research found that some depositional systems are more biased against preserving juveniles than are others. From this it can be concluded that other small creatures might be missed altogether. Since smaller animals tend to be ecologically important, this has implications for reconstructing the history of life on earth.

Student researchers include:

  • David C. Cole (senior, geology)
  • Dan Deifenbaugh (senior, geology)
  • Heath Hurst (senior, geology)
  • Shelby Johnston (senior, secondary education-earth and space science)
  • Michael Kalakay (senior, geology)
  • Paul O’Malley (senior, geology)
  • Carolyn Pendrick (senior, geology)
  • Heather Simpson (senior, geology and criminal justice)
  • Ross Yeater (senior, geology)

Solomon Isiorho, professor of geology, was the faculty mentor for the students.

Research by Computer Science Capstone Team Accepted for Conference Presentation

A research paper written by Anthony Garcia (senior, computer science) and Eric Migono (senior, computer science) for their senior capstone project was accepted for presentation at the Esri User Conference to be held on June 27 to July 1, 2016 in San Diego, CA.The team is advised by Adolfo S. Coronado, assistant professor of information systems.

The students’ research aims to develop a web application using geographical information systems to find optimal solar panel placement on any property located in the geographical area of interest.


Andres Montenegro Receives Research Travel Grant

Andres Montenegro, assistant professor of computer animation, received a New Frontiers Travel Exploration Grant for $3,000.

The grant will support a trip to Mantua, Italy, for the visual study of the frescos painted by Andrea Mantegna in the Camera degli Sposi at The Pallazzo Ducale Di Mantova, Lombardy, Italy.

The research trip is part of his work to deconstruct and translate the illusionistic space in the fresco into a contemporary virtual/augmented reality visualization prototype.

Eric Stadig Wins Poster Presentation Award

A poster presentation titled “Monitoring Long Term Trends in the St Joseph River Watershed” by Eric Stadig (graduate student in biology; advisor Robert Gillespie, associate professor of biology) won 2015 Hydrolab Best Student Poster Presentation award.

He presented the poster session at the International Association for Great Lakes Research (IAGLR) annual 58th Conference on Great Lakes Research at the University of Vermont, in Burlington, Vermont.

Hydrolab Best Student Poster Presentation award is given for the two best student poster presentations judged during the annual meeting.

The poster session described his analysis of data from the St. Joseph River Watershed Initiative, examining trends in atrazine, total phosphorous, nitrate-nitrite, conductivity, turbidity, and dissolved oxygen from 2000-2013 at 13 tributary sites near their confluence with the St. Joseph River.

He is continuing this project as part of his graduate research assistanceship.

Four Students Present at 2015 Fall Honors Showcase

Four Honors students presented their final research projects at the 2015 Fall Honors Showcase on Friday, December 4:

  • Amanda Leaders (senior, management and marketing) presented “Testing the Effectiveness of a Reminder Cue in an Oral Health Program”; Faculty Mentor: Bridget Leonard, assistant professor of management and marketing.
  • Matthew Furge (senior, economics/finance/communication) presented “A Comparative Analysis of the Housing Market: Comparing Allen County, IN and the United States”; Faculty Mentor: Nodir Adilov, chair and associate professor of economics.
  • Kira Witte (senior, elementary education) presented “The Portrayal of Bullying in Children’s Literature: Strategies to Combat Its Effects”; Faculty Mentor: Lewis Roberts, director of graduate studies and associate professor of English and linguistics.
  • Sara Jackson (senior, English/French), presented “Magna Carta: A Legacy of Liberty, Reframed and Rewritten”; Faculty Mentor: Suzanne LaVere, associate professor of history.

This presentation was the final step for these students to complete their work in the Honors Program. They will receive their Honors Medals at Commencement in May.

Article by Andres Montenegro published in the International Journal of Digital Media Arts and Practice

The article “Two Phenomenological Notions as Expressed in the Interactive Art Contained within Myron Krueger and Jeffrey Shaw’s Immersive Environment” by Andres Montenegro, assistant professor of computer animation, was published in the International Journal of Digital Media Arts and Practice.

The article discusses two pieces of installation art, Krueger’s “Videoplace,” which was created in 1974, and Shaw’s “The Legible City,” presented in 1989 in New York,and later in Amsterdam in 1991. The article examines the early use of interactive virtual reality and the implications for mixing technology and art.


Paresh Mishra and Rama Cousik receive research grant

Paresh Mishra, assistant professor of organizational behavior and leadership, and Rama Cousik, assistant professor of special education, received the Reeta Peshawaria Fellowship Award from the India Vision Foundation, New Delhi.

Mishra and Cousik’s proposal, titled “Exceptional Leadership,” will extend their study of leaders in India who have disabilities. The award is for approximately $1,500.