Joe Reese Wins Playwriting Competition

The play Lunacy, A Play for Our Times by Joe Reese, limited term lecturer in English, won a playwriting competition sponsored by the Khaos Theatre in Indianapolis. Reese’s winning play will be produced during the 2017 season.

Lunacy is a satire of what happens when divinity interrupts the lives of humdrum, failed playwright Tony and his promiscuous wife Susan. Susan unwittingly picks up Zeus (off on his first extra marital fling with mortals in a millennia) at an office party, and takes him home, precipitating the breakup of her relationship with her nerdish husband.

Diana comes in search of her philandering father to warn him of Hera’s intent to search him out and destroy him—and discovers instead the pathetic Tony, with whom she promptly falls in love. This play brings us to the lunatic brink of nuclear holocaust. Lunacy is the voice of a prophet crying out in the wilderness, to us, “For God’s sakes, what are we doing?

The competition took place at the 2016 Dionysia New Play Festival. Excerpts from 20 plays were presented over two weekends in June.


Student Team Wins Environmental Engineering Competition

A team of undergraduate engineering students won first place among 17 universities in the Environmental Engineering competition of the ASCE Great Lakes Student Conference at Illinois Institute of Technology on April 15 – 16, 2016.

The team included Sankey Everson (captain; senior, civil engineering), Andrew Magsam (senior, civil engineering), Adam Dreihaus (junior, mechanical engineering), and Abby Laudenschlager (junior, civil engineering) from the IPFW Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).

The faculty advisor was Dong Chen, associate professor of civil engineering.

The competition involved designing wastewater treatment processes and to troubleshoot problems.

Alumnus Brett Gauger Judged a National Social Media Competition

Brett Gauger (’15) was a judge for the Social Media Competition hosted by Ball State University’s Marketing Department. The competition drew over 60 students from universities in Texas, Georgia, Kentucky, and Indiana.

Participants were given the business plan of a local Courtyard by Marriott hotel, and then were asked to help build it’s social media plan. Gauger and his co-workers at Cyclone Social judged the final round “flash cases,” where participants had only 20 minutes to create a social media strategic plan for a crisis.

Eight Visual Communication and Design Students Participated in “The Pitch”

Eight visual communication and design students designed, created, and presented marketing materials in the American Advertising Federation (AdFed) spring competition known as “The Pitch.”

The students participating on IPFW’s team included:

  • Danielle Doepke (senior)
  • Dustin Keeslar (junior)
  • Elijah VanDine (junior)
  • Emily Franson (junior)
  • Jacqueline Warfield (junior)
  • Nick Vincent (senior)
  • Rachel Edwards (junior)
  • Sean O’Leary (senior)

The students are in Graphic Design III: Publication and Design, advised by John Motz, continuing lecturer in graphic design and director of the design center.

The event is a graphic design competition that gives students hands-on experience while helping a local non-for-profit that needs design, marketing, and advertising assistance. This year’s client was the Women’s Bureau.

Each team designed and created a year’s worth of marketing material for each of the Women’s Bureau’s 2016 events, along with graphics to support the agency’s core social media presence.

Judges told the team that they “knocked it out of the park,” producing work that rivalled agency work they had seen. The CEO of the Women’s Bureau plans to use some of their designs this year.

The team produced a broad variety of materials:

  • yard signage for their building
  • window vinyls for their building
  • awards certificates
  • glass etched awards and wine glasses
  • “Proud Supporter of the Women’s Bureau” stickers
  • t-shirts, stickers, posters, water bottles, e-mail blasts, and billboards for their Walk/Run event
  • advertisements and e-mail blasts for their Pop Up Shop event
  • photo backdrops and pop up banners for their events
  • plans for a new event called the “Design a Shoe” contest, plus all of the collateral for (posters, sign-up cards, e-mail blasts, social media etc).
  • newspaper and magazine ads
  • thank you mailers
  • brochures
  • 2 professional level videos to be used as social media posts and potential tv spots
  • invitations for their gala event
  • car decals
  • table tents
  • a 68 page comprehensive social media strategy book that detailed how best to use social media, with examples of how each of the organization’s social media accounts will look during each of their events

IPFW Student Economics Team Presents at Fed Challenge in Chicago

Eight students majoring in economics and business students participated in the regional College Fed Challenge held at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago on November 16.

The student team included:

  • Marcela Betancourt (senior, economics and biology/pre-med)
  • Nicholas Brown (junior, economics
  • Oliver Gibson (senior, economics and finance)
  • Miguel Gonzalez (senior, finance)
  • Zachary Harants (senior, management and economics)
  • Kevin McCullough (senior, economics and finance)
  • Brandon Roberts (junior, economics and finance)
  • Nicholas Shepherd (senior, economics and finance)

The team was coached by Nodir Adilov, chair and associate professor of economics. Assistant coaches were Myeong Hwan Kim, associate professor of economics, and John Kessler, continuing lecturer in economics.

IPFW started competing at the Fed Reserve Bank in Chicago in 2006.