Dissertation research by Tao Yang earns recognition from Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Dissertation research by Tao Yang, assistant professor of organizational leadership and supervision, received the S. Rains Wallace Dissertation Award Honorable Mention from the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

The award is given for the best doctoral dissertation research germane to the field of industrial and organizational psychology.

He will be presented with the award at the 2017 SIOP Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida.


This dissertation develops and tests a theoretical model of the role of a mindfulness intervention in promoting job performance in service settings. I examine the client-focused mechanisms—attentiveness, perspective taking, and response flexibility—and individual (i.e., employee agreeableness), social (i.e., perception of workgroup service climate), and job (i.e., work overload) contingencies of the relationship between a mindfulness intervention and job performance. I conducted a pretest-posttest field experiment of 72 health care professionals in a health care organization with intervention (i.e., mindfulness meditation) and active control (i.e., wellness education) conditions and repeated measures from health care professionals and their patients over 15 days. Confirmatory factor analyses suggest that the three client-focused mechanisms were represented by a higher-order construct of patient-centered behavior. Multilevel modeling and latent growth modeling suggest that the two conditions are distinct; compared with active control, the intervention yields pre-to-post increases in daily mindfulness and work behaviors including self-ratings of job performance and proactive patient care and patient ratings of patient-centered behavior. Multilevel mediation analysis suggests that patient ratings of patient-centered behavior fail to mediate the effect of a mindfulness intervention on patient satisfaction with job performance. Multilevel moderated mediation analyses suggest that agreeableness, perceived workgroup service climate, and work overload do not moderate the effect of a mindfulness intervention (via patient ratings of patient-centered behavior) on patient satisfaction. Nonetheless, compared with active control, the mindfulness intervention yields higher patient rated patient-centered behavior for health care professionals who have a higher level of agreeableness.

Art Herbig and Co-presenters Win Top Panel Award

A panel presented by Art Herbig, assistant professor of media production, and three co-presenters won the Top Panel Award at the Central States Communication Association 2016 Annual Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on April 13-17.

The panel, “Building on Foundations: Creating Multiple Methodological Spaces in Media
Studies” included  four presentations.

From the program description:
Panelists will discuss how to build on foundations of traditional media research and use multiple methodological approaches in conjunction with one another. By engaging with multiple methods together—including rhetorical criticism with ethnographic field methods, critical rhetoric and performance with documentary, qualitative and quantitative methods of analysis, and critical/cultural analysis with autoethnography—panelists offer ways to take media studies into the future and offer insights that could not be accessed without using multiple methods together.

With a Pen, a Computer, a Camera, and a Microphone: Critical Rhetoric in Media
Art Herbig, Indiana University–Purdue University Fort Wayne

Potentials of Rhetorical and Ethnographic Methods for Examining Production, Representation, and Audience
Jennifer C. Dunn, Dominican University

Deprogramming Health Programing: Mixed Method Evaluations of Mediated Health Narratives
Malynnda Johnson, University of Mount Union

Breaking Boundaries: A New Look at the Cultural Work of Popular Media
Tasha Rennels, Augustana University


Biology Students Win Four Poster Presentation Awards

On April 1-2, students from IPFW and across the state presented their research at the Indiana Branch of the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) annual meeting, held on the IPFW campus.

IPFW was well represented with student abstracts by Xyryl Pablo (senior, biology); Justin Lothamer (’15); Janine Bennett (senior, biology); Phat Lam (senior, biology); Melissa Beaty (grad student, biology); James Price (grad student, biology); and Jamison Law (grad student, biology).

The following students won awards for their poster:

  • 1st Place M.S. Division: James Price “Juvenile Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas) Microbial Community Structure Throughout an Ontogenic Shift” (mentors: Frank Paladino, chair and professor, biology; and Tanya Soule, assistant professor of biology)
  • 2nd Place M.S. Division: Jamison Law “Biochemical Characterization of  a Mycobacterial Glyercerol-3-Phosphate Acyltransferase” (mentor: Jaiyanth Daniel, assistant professor of biology)
  • 1st Place Undergraduate Division: Janine Bennett “The Response Regulator Npun_F1278 is Essential for Scytonemin Biosynthesis in the Cyanobacterium Nostoc punctiforme ATCC 29133” (mentor: Tanya Soule, assistant professor of biology)
  • 2nd Place Undergraduate Division: Xyryl Pablo “Mycobacterial Protein mEttA and its Role in Resuscitation from Stationary Phase” (mentor: Jaiyanth Daniel, assistant professor of biology)

Guests at the event included esteemed speakers from ASM national as well as the Allen County Health Commissioner. There were 27 abstracts in microbiology and immunology presented by 15 undergraduate, 4 M.S. graduate, and 8 Ph.D. graduate students.

Nine Visual Communication and Design Students Win Ad Fed Awards

Nine Visual Communication and Design students won big at the American Advertising Federation (AdFed) Fort Wayne Ad Honors on Saturday, Feb. 27. The competition celebrates the best advertising-related design work from both students and professionals.

The contest includes over 50 categories such as publication, outdoor board, non-traditional advertising, broadcast commercial, and stationery package.

Student Best in Show
Marketing Media Campaign for Meli
Amanda Pappas

Student Gold Award
Marketing Media Campaign for Meli
Amanda Pappas

Sales Promotion Package for Camelia
Amanda Pappas

Self Promo for Adventure Supply Kit
Sean O’Leary

Student Silver Award
Publication Design for Handglovery
Alexandra Tsiguloff

Publication Design for Sprout
Amanda Pappas

Cinematography for IPFW Holiday Card
Bryttani Bair, Tanya Riveron, Tyler Dager, Jenny Girardot, Sam Sewards, David Adams


Research Conference Presentation by Mursalin Khan Wins Award

A research presentation by Mursalin Khan (grad student, biology) won the First Place – Student Oral Presentation Award at Aquaculture 2016, in Las Vegas, Nevada. His presentation was titled, “IN-VITRO ANALYSES OF LYMPHOCYTE PROLIFERATION

His photograph, biography, and project description will be published in The World Aquaculture Magazine.

Khan’s research is co-supervised by Ahmed Mustafa, professor of biology, and Elliott Blumenthal, associate professor of biology.

Beth Boatright Receives ALA Recognition Award

rusalogo3_6Beth Boatright, information services and instruction librarian, was selected as the 2016 winner of the Emerging Technologies Section (ETS) Achievement Recognition Award from the Reference and User Services Association (RUSA), a Division of the American Library Association (ALA).

The award recognizes her work with the Emerging Technologies Section by chairing committees, developing and presenting events , and serving as a model for active involvement in the American Library Association.

She will be presented with a citation at the RUSA Achievement Awards Ceremony and Reception at the ALA Annual Conference in Orlando on June 26, 2016.