Fawad Niazi and Purdue Researchers Receive $325K INDOT Grant

Fawad Niazi, assistant professor of civil engineering, and his co-researchers from Purdue University West Lafayette, received a $325,686 grant from Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) for the “Development of Comprehensive CPT-Based Geotechnical Design Manual for Indiana Transportation.” Niazi’s portion of the grant is $60,394.

This grant project is aimed to prepare a comprehensive guide for the design of shallow/deep foundations, retaining walls, embankments, and other transportation structures using data from the most modern, expedient, economical and reliable in-situ site investigation tool, namely, the cone penetration test (CPT).

Currently, geotechnical designs are carried out using soil strength and stiffness parameters that are obtained from time-consuming and relatively expensive laboratory tests on disturbed samples of geomaterials obtained from selected depths.

Since the CPT is an in-situ test, that provides much greater ground truth in terms of continuous data from a single sounding, this manual will provide the basis for engineers to use CPT results directly for the assessment of site conditions and the design of geotechnical projects in the future.

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