Brett Wilkinson’s co-authored book is published by Kendall Hunt

9781465295415Education psychology for learners: Connecting theory, research, and application, a textbook co-authored by Brett Wilkinson, assistant professor of counselor education, was recently published by Kendall Hunt.

From the back cover:

Educational Psychology for Learners is designed to promote academic growth, personal development, and integration into scholarly communities by engaging students in a rigorous intellectual discussion of key psycho-educational principles. In addition to providing both historical and current overviews of relevant theories and research, there is an emphasis on the integration and application of fundamental concepts and practices related to motivation, knowledge acquisition and information processing, and self-regulation.

 Case studies, innovative activities, and examples give students the chance to think about how to apply their theoretical knowledge in real-world contexts, while reading lists are included to enable further self-study. By illustrating how educational psychology provides the foundation for personal, academic, and professional success, Educational Psychology for Learners seeks to empower our future professionals by encouraging well-informed, scholarly discussions in both the college classroom and beyond.

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