Review of Academic Programs and Departments Recommendation Update

This information was emailed to all IPFW students on October 18, 2016. The original attached document is available here (PDF).

As you will recall, two years ago we initiated the University Strategic Alignment Process as a forward-thinking study focused on our future, enhancing our ability to make strategic decisions to allocate resources according to the priorities identified in Plan 2020. Over the past several months, a series of recommendations have been released to the campus community.

An updated Review of Academic Programs and Departments Recommendation was released to the Deans of each college this morning. The updated recommendation is attached to this message.

The academic deans will work with department chairs and faculty to establish a procedure for the successful completion of currently enrolled students in academic programs that are closing.  For each program a credit hour and time threshold must be established that defines which students will be allowed to complete their current program of study.  Likewise, the deans, department chairs, and faculty must work out a detailed schedule of course offerings that will allow those students to complete their courses within the minimum possible period of time.  We will strongly encourage the use of summer to accelerate student progress.

The time threshold, or how far along a student must be in completing their degree to be guaranteed we will offer the classes, will be determined shortly. Please look for specific communication from your academic unit and work closely with your academic advisor throughout this process.

We understand that this information may cause you to have additional questions and concerns. Please feel free to contact your academic department or the Indiana-Purdue Student Government Association at for more information.

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