Article by M. Gail Hickey and Sheena Choi appears in The New English Teacher

homepageimage_en_usThe article “Understanding the Specialized Needs of Burmese Refugees in U.S. Colleges and Universities” by M. Gail Hickey, professor of education, and Sheena Choi, associate professor of management, appeared in The New English Teacher.

From the abstract:

The recent rapid influx of refugee students into U.S. schools has been a learning experience for all concerned. Not only do U.S. refugees come with memories of trauma, they also have specialized educational needs that differ from international students’ or voluntary migrants’ needs.

Recent refugees have come to the United States with very different socio-historical backgrounds from the majority of U.S. university students. Refugee students have very different stories of integration and incorporation in America than either immigrants or international students. Differentiated experiences demand differentiated treatment.

The scholarship on U.S. refugees in college is scarce. The authors seek to add to the available scholarship by advancing understanding of Burmese refugee students’ specialized educational needs through personal narratives. The authors also hope to improve educational provisions for refugee students through attention to their multiple responsibilities and socio-psychological needs. Finally, the authors recommend effective pedagogical strategies for use with refugee students.

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