LaMaster and Musser receive Excellence in Online Teaching Award

JOHN G. LAMASTER, senior instructor, Department of Mathematical
Sciences, is a co-recipient of the 2016 Award for Excellence in Online Teaching
Award (formerly the DECCO award). In his award dossier, LaMaster demonstrated
excellence in every aspect of his online teaching. LaMaster strives to create a
supportive environment online that rivals that of his face to face Algebra and
Trigonometry I classes. To motivate students to persist in what is often a very
challenging course, he created innovative videos that connect mathematics to the
real world and which require a response from the student followed by immediate
feedback from LaMaster. His success is evident from students’ appreciation of
his teaching and documented improvement in student achievement.
JOY D. MUSSER, visiting instructor, Department of Communication
Sciences and Disorders, is a co-recipient of the 2016 Award for Excellence in
Online Teaching Award. Musser finds joy in her online teaching and owes her
continuous improvement of two online courses to students’ positive response and
engagement. The cornerstone of her online teaching is a design that is logical,
easy to navigate, and transparent in order to invite students into a learningfriendly
environment. Practice questions, ungraded quizzes, discussion board
assignments, labs, and traditional exam assessments provide early, mid, and
end-point learning checks. Students appreciate active learning assignments
that help them to learn, opportunities for peer interaction, and Musser’s
responsiveness to their needs.

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