Jeong-Il Cho awarded 2016 Friends of the University Teacher Award

JEONG-IL CHO, associate professor, Department of Professional Studies,
Special Education, will receive the 2016 Friends of IPFW Outstanding Teacher
Award. Cho has taught at IPFW since 2009. Through her engagement in the
scholarly teaching process, characterized by monitoring the effectiveness of her
instruction and modifying her objectives to respond to student needs, Cho began
to recognize that the activities of teaching and research are strongly correlated
and can take place at the same time. Cho’s Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
(SoTL) research project about students’ knowledge of and attitudes toward
assistive technologies allows her to model scholarly teaching to future educators
and further their experience with a critical aspect of modern classroom teaching.
Students realize that she is writing a research paper just as they are, helping
them to see themselves as teacher-scholars. Her students have found her
courses challenging and demanding, but they appreciate the rigor and positive
learning experiences. Alumni of Cho’s courses are frequently asked to train
fellow teachers at P-12 schools. Since 2010 a total of 68 students have taken
the Special Education licensure exams

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