Joe Reese Wins Playwriting Competition

The play Lunacy, A Play for Our Times by Joe Reese, limited term lecturer in English, won a playwriting competition sponsored by the Khaos Theatre in Indianapolis. Reese’s winning play will be produced during the 2017 season.

Lunacy is a satire of what happens when divinity interrupts the lives of humdrum, failed playwright Tony and his promiscuous wife Susan. Susan unwittingly picks up Zeus (off on his first extra marital fling with mortals in a millennia) at an office party, and takes him home, precipitating the breakup of her relationship with her nerdish husband.

Diana comes in search of her philandering father to warn him of Hera’s intent to search him out and destroy him—and discovers instead the pathetic Tony, with whom she promptly falls in love. This play brings us to the lunatic brink of nuclear holocaust. Lunacy is the voice of a prophet crying out in the wilderness, to us, “For God’s sakes, what are we doing?

The competition took place at the 2016 Dionysia New Play Festival. Excerpts from 20 plays were presented over two weekends in June.


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