Art Herbig and Co-presenters Win Top Panel Award

A panel presented by Art Herbig, assistant professor of media production, and three co-presenters won the Top Panel Award at the Central States Communication Association 2016 Annual Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on April 13-17.

The panel, “Building on Foundations: Creating Multiple Methodological Spaces in Media
Studies” included  four presentations.

From the program description:
Panelists will discuss how to build on foundations of traditional media research and use multiple methodological approaches in conjunction with one another. By engaging with multiple methods together—including rhetorical criticism with ethnographic field methods, critical rhetoric and performance with documentary, qualitative and quantitative methods of analysis, and critical/cultural analysis with autoethnography—panelists offer ways to take media studies into the future and offer insights that could not be accessed without using multiple methods together.

With a Pen, a Computer, a Camera, and a Microphone: Critical Rhetoric in Media
Art Herbig, Indiana University–Purdue University Fort Wayne

Potentials of Rhetorical and Ethnographic Methods for Examining Production, Representation, and Audience
Jennifer C. Dunn, Dominican University

Deprogramming Health Programing: Mixed Method Evaluations of Mediated Health Narratives
Malynnda Johnson, University of Mount Union

Breaking Boundaries: A New Look at the Cultural Work of Popular Media
Tasha Rennels, Augustana University


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