Three Professors, Nine Students Present at Geology Conference

Research by three IPFW professors and nine senior geology students will be presented at the Geological Society of America North-Central Section 50th Annual Meeting in April.

Ben Dattilo, associate professor of geology, will present research done by he and Winfried Peters, associate professor of biology, titled “Where Have All The Young Rafinesquina Gone? Gone to Taphonomic Processess Every One (Mostly).” The research is about how the fossil record is biased by destructive processes. With typical mortality rates, the fossil record should be dominated by the shells of young individuals. Their research found that some depositional systems are more biased against preserving juveniles than are others. From this it can be concluded that other small creatures might be missed altogether. Since smaller animals tend to be ecologically important, this has implications for reconstructing the history of life on earth.

Student researchers include:

  • David C. Cole (senior, geology)
  • Dan Deifenbaugh (senior, geology)
  • Heath Hurst (senior, geology)
  • Shelby Johnston (senior, secondary education-earth and space science)
  • Michael Kalakay (senior, geology)
  • Paul O’Malley (senior, geology)
  • Carolyn Pendrick (senior, geology)
  • Heather Simpson (senior, geology and criminal justice)
  • Ross Yeater (senior, geology)

Solomon Isiorho, professor of geology, was the faculty mentor for the students.

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