Ten faculty members awarded summer research grants

Ten faculty members were awarded summer research grants through the Office of Sponsored Programs. The grants are for tenured and tenure-track faculty through two programs: Summer Faculty Grants and Senior Summer Faculty Grants.

This year’s grants went to the following faculty members:

Nurgul Aitalieva, assistant professor of public policy: “Trust and Public Support for Government Spending: A Cross-National Examination”

Jeff Casazza, associate professor of theatre: “The Integrated Actor: Reconnecting the Voice, Mind and Body”

Zesheng Chen, assistant professor of computer science: “Information Dissemination in Online Social Networks”

Qing Hao, assistant professor of mechanical engineering technology: “Computational Modeling of Effect of Blood Flow Dynamics on Thrombus Growth”

John Licato, assistant professor of computer science: “Advancing Developmental AI with Late Piagetian Theory”

Punya Nachappa, assistant professor of biology: “Factors Determining Vector Competence in Three Thrips Species Ability to Transmit Soybean Vein Necrosis Virus”

Vamsi Nalam, assistant professor of biology: “Evaluation of Soybean Transgenics Expressing a Host Defense Regulatory Gene, PHYTOALEXIN DEFICIENT4 (PAD4) For Enhancing Resistance to Soybean Aphid”

Lucas Rodesiler, assistant professor of secondary education: “For Teachers, By Teachers: An Investigation into Teacher-Generated Online Professional Development”

Abe Schwab, associate professor of philosophy: “Rethinking Conflicts of Interest”

Lachlan Whalen, associate professor of English and linguistics: “Ireland Unfree: Contemporary Irish Republican Prison Writing”

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