Work by Faculty/Student Research Team Published

CaptureWork by an IPFW research team consisting of Steve Stevenson, associate professor of chemistry; COAS alumna Kristine Arvola (’14); former COAS student Muska Fahim; and Homestead High School graduate Benjamin Martin was published as the cover article in the January 4, 2016, issue of the scholarly journal, Inorganic Chemistry.

Working with scholars from the University of California–Davis, the IPFW team studied molecules containing the metal gadolinium, which can be used as MRI contrast agents. The published research describes a new purification method based on chemistry.

S. Stevenson, K. D. Arvola, M. Fahim, B. R. Martin, K. B. Ghiassi, M. M. Olmstead, and A. L. Balch, Inorganic Chemistry, volume 55, issue 1 (January 4, 2016): 62–67

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