Article by Lidan Lin Accepted for Publication

The article “From ‘Between’ to ‘And’: The Global Humanities in Joyce and Beckett” by Lidan Lin, professor of English and linguistics, was accepted for publication in The International Journal of Literary Humanities.

From the article’s abstract:

The epistemology of dualism has informed the construction of dichotomies and differences in cultural discourses for a long time. Interestingly, such construction is often, though not always, indicated by the preposition “between” that signifies separation. In their writings about Ireland, Joyce and Beckett seek to deconstruct dualism by illustrating the pitfalls of radical provincialism on the one hand and by envisioning global humanities often indicated by the conjunction “and” that signifies addition, rather than separation, on the other. Drawing on the concept of universal identity developed by Levi-Strauss, Jung, Foucault, and Longxi Zhang, I offer a rereading of both Irish authors’ representation of “global citizen” in such figures as Wellsley, Conroy, and Shuah.


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