Four Students Present at 2015 Fall Honors Showcase

Four Honors students presented their final research projects at the 2015 Fall Honors Showcase on Friday, December 4:

  • Amanda Leaders (senior, management and marketing) presented “Testing the Effectiveness of a Reminder Cue in an Oral Health Program”; Faculty Mentor: Bridget Leonard, assistant professor of management and marketing.
  • Matthew Furge (senior, economics/finance/communication) presented “A Comparative Analysis of the Housing Market: Comparing Allen County, IN and the United States”; Faculty Mentor: Nodir Adilov, chair and associate professor of economics.
  • Kira Witte (senior, elementary education) presented “The Portrayal of Bullying in Children’s Literature: Strategies to Combat Its Effects”; Faculty Mentor: Lewis Roberts, director of graduate studies and associate professor of English and linguistics.
  • Sara Jackson (senior, English/French), presented “Magna Carta: A Legacy of Liberty, Reframed and Rewritten”; Faculty Mentor: Suzanne LaVere, associate professor of history.

This presentation was the final step for these students to complete their work in the Honors Program. They will receive their Honors Medals at Commencement in May.

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