Rachel Rayburn authors a paper in Sexuality and Culture

“Coming Out: The Career Management of One’s Sexuality,” by Rachel Rayburn, assistant professor of public policy, has been accepted for publication in the journal Sexuality and Culture.

From the abstract: The present study centers on interviews with 30 individuals, all of whom are engaged in coming out related to their sexualities. Among all of the themes shared across the interviews, one of the more prevalent dimensions was that of temporality. Participants had a great deal to say (both directly and contextually) about how long coming out takes and whether or not it ever truly ends. Participants spoke of coming out as a point-in-time affirmation or public disclosure as well as a completable process. But despite participants alluding to the point-in-time and processional nature of coming out, the broader experiences shared by participants uncovered an enduring truth—that coming out has no end in sight. Thus, coming out is not a process to be completed, but a career to be managed.


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