Math professors organize, present at Midwestern Workshop on Asymptotic Analysis

Peter Dragnev, chair and professor of mathematics, and Adam Coffman, professor of mathematics, helped organize the 2015 Midwestern Workshop on Asymptotic Analysis (MWAA) at Indiana University, Bloomington. The MWAA conference series brings together mathematicians from the midwestern United States working in approximation theory, mathematical physics, potential theory, and complex analysis.

The workshop was supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation.

Yuan Zhang, assistant professor of mathematics, presented a talk at the conference on joint research she performed with Yifei Pan, professor of mathematics, and Yang Liu, who spent the 2014-15 year visiting IPFW from China.

Zhang’s talk, “On flat solutions of Cauchy-Riemann equations,” covered research on the solvability of Cauchy-Riemann equations, one of the central topics in the field of several complex variables. She discussed the existence of a special type of solution to Cauchy-Riemann equations all of whose derivatives vanish at a given point. An important application of differential equations in physics is to use observations at one time to make predictions about what happens later. Equations with flat solutions confound this by being unable to distinguish objects at rest from objects in motion but which happen to have zero velocity and acceleration only at the initial time.

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