Social media research by Drouin, O’Connor, Schmidt, and Miller appears in Computers in Human Behavior

The article Facebook fired: Legal perspectives and young adults’ opinions on the use of social media in hiring and firing decisions by Michelle Drouin, associate professor of psychology; Kimberly O’Connor, assistant professor of organizational leadership and supervision; Gordon Schmidt, assistant professor of organizational leadership, and supervision; and Dan Miller, assistant professor of psychology, was published in the May, 2015 issue of the Journal Computers in Human Behavior.

The professors asked undergraduate students for their opinions regarding the use of social media for employment decisions. Although this practice has been highlighted in the popular press and recent legal cases, most of the students in the sample did not support of this practice. Most expressed a liberal view of what should be overlooked by employers on social media. For example, less than half of the students believed that posting illegal sexual behavior online should result in termination.

The aricle observes that while these opinions may affect social media policies for companies in the future, in the short term, the students need to be aware that their social media use could have long-term effects on their careers.

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