Physics faculty members Mark Masters, David Maloney, and Timothy T. Grove present at the American Association of Physics Teacher Summer 2015 Meeting

Three Physics Department faculty members presented at the American Association of Physics Teachers Summer 2015 Meeting, July 25-29 in College Park, Maryland, and one won a prize for building an innovative physics teaching tool.

Mark Masters, professor and chair of physics, gave an invited presentation on “Guiding Students to Optical Understanding” and second talk titled “Trying to Keep the Intro Lab from Being Mind-numbingly Boring.”

David Maloney, professor of physics, gave a presentation titled “Using Students Ideas of Conditionals and Bi-conditionals to Probe Conceptual Understanding.”

Timothy T. Grove, associate professor of physics, gave presentations on “From Dirt Cheap Spectrographs to Molecular Spectroscopy” and “A Powerful Spectrograph Based Upon a Low Cost Spectrograph.”

Grove also won second prize in the Apparatus Competition for his Raspberry Pi controlled spectrograph. The Apparatus Competition is designed to recognize and reward the innovative spirit to create tools that teach physics through demonstration or experiment.

American Association of Physics Teachers logo

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