Twelve faculty members honored during promotion and tenure ceremony

Twelve Indiana University – Purdue university Fort Wayne (IPFW) faculty members were promoted during the 2016 Convocation Ceremony, held in Auer Hall on Monday, August 22.


ARTHUR W. HERBIG, Associate Professor of Media Production

JEFFREY J. MALANSON, Associate Professor of History

JORDAN M. MARSHALL, Associate Professor of Biology

O. DAVID MOMOH, Associate Professor of Computer, Electrical and Information Technology

ANDRES R. MONTENEGRO, Associate Professor of Computer Animation

YUAN ZHANG, Associate Professor of Mathematics



NODIR ADILOV, Professor of Economics

STEVEN A. CARR, Professor of Communication

LAURIE L. CORBIN, Professor of French

MICHELLE A. DROUIN, Professor of Psychology

ERIK S. OHLANDER, Professor of Religious Studies

MICHAEL R. WOLF, Professor of Political Science

Jeffrey Casazza latest faculty member inducted into FACET

JEFFREY C. CASAZZA is the head of Acting, Movement and Voice
and is an associate professor in the Department of Theatre. He has directed
numerous productions for IPFW, including last year’s productions of God’s Ear
and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. In the spring of 2015 he was nominated by
IPFW to take part in Penn State’s National Academic Leadership Academy. He
just completed the program at the beginning of the summer. Jeff has spent
the last 10 years training in and exploring aspects of Linklater Voice in various
parts of the United States and Europe. Developed by Kristin Linklater, this work
“provides a clear method” to rediscover your natural voice, “reconnect with a
desire to communicate, and restore your voice to its full expressive capacity.”
While incredibly useful for the actor, the method is designed for everyone,
whether it be for personal or professional reasons. Casazza auditioned for
the two-year designation program back in January and was accepted as one
of 12 artists from the United States and the United Kingdom to work directly
with Linklater. He traveled to Scotland over the summer and just completed
part one of this program. He has spent almost every summer working as
an artist internationally and presenting his work in numerous national and
international conferences. At IPFW he has received two summer PRF grants,
a Featured Faculty Award, the Leepoxy Plastics, Inc. Award for Excellence
in Undergraduate Teaching, and has presented workshops for CELT and for
graduate students participating in the 3-Minute Thesis program. In the College
of Visual and Performing Arts, he has received all three Excellence Awards
(Teaching, Service and Creative Endeavor). As always, Casazza is excited to
bring the work he does with national and international artists back to IPFW to
explore with his students.

Damien Fleming receives Leepoxy Plastics, Inc. Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

DAMIAN J. FLEMING, associate professor, Department of English and
Linguistics, is this year’s recipient of the Leepoxy Plastics, Inc. Award for
Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching. Fleming successfully draws students
into a deep engagement with medieval texts by means of an innovative project
in which students translate, adapt and perform medieval biblical plays that they
video record. These activities help students break through their preconceptions
of the Middle Ages as dark, backwards, and foreign, a perception that obscures
both the complexity of the medieval world as well as our society’s connection
to its medieval heritage. Fleming’s effective use of peer critique further
enhances student learning and sustains their motivation. Fleming will receive
$1,000 in professional development funds. The Leepoxy Plastics, Inc. award
was established in 2003 by area businessman Lawrence Lee to recognize and
encourage innovative undergraduate teaching.

Students’ Choice Award for Teaching Excellence goes to Kerrie Fineran

KERRIE R. FINERAN, assistant professor and director of the Counselor
Education Program, was nominated by Julie R. Stills, M.S.Ed. ’16, who noted
Fineran’s support for her and her fellow students, “Not only is she passionate
about counseling and teaching, but she is incredibly supportive as well. On
various occasions I’ve approached her with concerns related to my education,
and each time she took as much time as I needed to talk the situation out and
help me come up with a solution. She’s very honest with all of her students
about their strengths and areas in need of improvement, something I’ve
found to be extremely beneficial throughout my graduate education.” Fineran
is a member of the American Counseling Association, the Association for
Counselor Education and Supervision, Association for Specialists in Group
Work, Chi Sigma Iota International Counseling Honor Society, the International
Association of Addictions and Offender Counselors, and numerous state and
local organizations.

Alison Rynearson recipient of 2016 Outstanding Advisor Award

ALISON K. RYNEARSON, associate director for Student Success and
Transitions and coordinator for the National Student Exchange (NSE), is the
2016 recipient of the Outstanding Advisor Award. Rynearson came to IPFW
in 2001 as an academic advisor in the Mastodon Advising Center—she now
creates and leads programs that connect students with their career goals
and corresponding coursework and campus activities. Under Rynearson’s
leadership, the NSE program has grown from only 12 outgoing exchangers to
more than 30 in a single year. Rynearson has also been involved in achieving
institutional goals by “leading the charge” in creating IPFW’s first campus-wide
probation program. This program has resulted in data that is crucial for student
success programming. Her nominator states, “Dr. Rynearson’s talent is easily
seen. She gets to know her students, makes them comfortable, and gets them
excited about their options.”

Bauman receives Community Council Service to Students Award

JOANNE M. BAUMAN, coordinator of recruitment and advising for the
Department of Nursing, came to IPFW in 2001. In her nomination, Becky A.
Salmon wrote that while advising more than 400 students, Bauman treats each
as an individual. Alumni reach out to Bauman to thank her. An international
alumnus wrote, “My heart vividly recalls the role you played as a true advocate
for me last year as you fought to make my graduation this summer a reality.”
Bauman and Sydney Miracle serve as mentors for the Student Nurses of IPFW.
Bauman has worked with the student group and the Department of Nursing to
send Easter baskets to the children of SCAN (Stop Child Abuse and Neglect)
and toiletries and other necessities to a nursing student’s home village in
a country recently ravaged by a hurricane. Bauman is an expert on student
policies, student issues, student progression, and student success. She has
been instrumental in the design, implementation, and future advising of the
new RN to B.S. Completion Program in Nursing, a vital community need.
Salmon states, “Overall, Jo is the type of advisor, mentor, and friend that all
students deserve.”

Jeong-Il Cho awarded 2016 Friends of the University Teacher Award

JEONG-IL CHO, associate professor, Department of Professional Studies,
Special Education, will receive the 2016 Friends of IPFW Outstanding Teacher
Award. Cho has taught at IPFW since 2009. Through her engagement in the
scholarly teaching process, characterized by monitoring the effectiveness of her
instruction and modifying her objectives to respond to student needs, Cho began
to recognize that the activities of teaching and research are strongly correlated
and can take place at the same time. Cho’s Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
(SoTL) research project about students’ knowledge of and attitudes toward
assistive technologies allows her to model scholarly teaching to future educators
and further their experience with a critical aspect of modern classroom teaching.
Students realize that she is writing a research paper just as they are, helping
them to see themselves as teacher-scholars. Her students have found her
courses challenging and demanding, but they appreciate the rigor and positive
learning experiences. Alumni of Cho’s courses are frequently asked to train
fellow teachers at P-12 schools. Since 2010 a total of 68 students have taken
the Special Education licensure exams